D&W Trucking Inc South Bay

Construction Trucking Company Serving South Bay

At D & W Trucking, we are a specialty construction trucking company. We service the South Bay area with the leading construction services and equipment. Our specialty dump truck services include the transportation of construction materials to and from designated construction sites.

Our Fleet:

  • We have a fleet of class 7/8 Super 10 dumps, high side dumps, end dumps and bottom dumps. All our dump trucks are equipped with electronic logging devices allowing our drivers to focus on increasing load counts for every client.
  • Our trucks are designed to import and export all construction materials which include dirt, concrete, rock, sand, gravel, earth and asphalt.

In addition to our dump trucks, we also offer a full list of other specialty construction services. Below is a list of our top services:

Our Specialty Services:

  • Disaster Relief- We are specially trained to provide aid during a natural disaster or crisis with our fleet, equipment, local and interstate resources.
  • Demolition & Excavation- We provide excavation and demolition services to clear out a space before a project begins.
  • Equipment Rental- We provide the leading equipment for rentals for any size project.
  • Dumpsite Management- We take care of any waste removal from a construction site to a dumpsite for our clients with cost effective analysis.
  • Transportation of Construction Materials- We will haul and transport any construction material throughout the entire construction process.
  • Waste and Debris Removal- We will efficiently remove any debris or waste accumulated at the job site.

We will spend time with each client to create a comprehensive service plan specifically designed for each project. We will discuss the construction project in its entirety to schedule exact dates and time for equipment and truck arrivals and departures. Our team strictly follows all timelines to increase the productivity of the project.


Why Choose D & W Trucking

  • Unparalleled and dependable service
  • Attention to detail and potential hazard awareness
  • Competitive hauling rates
  • Our team of trucks are available 24/7
  • Specially designed 50+ trucks
  • Fast and efficient services
  • A team committed to safety and environmental protection
  • We proudly service South Bay including El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Rancho Palos Verdes, Inglewood and Hawthorne.
  • Our fleet is compliant with title 13, California Code of Regulations section 2025 of the Truck and Bus Regulation by the Air Resources Board.
  • We are a DBE/SBE Certified Corporation through the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
  • We are proud members of Western Trucking Association and Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.
  • We have certificates of completion for 30 Hour OSHA Hazard Recognition Training for the Construction Industry from the American Safety Council.

For a quote and specialized plan from our trusted staff contact us at service@dwtruckingca.com

Interstate Carrier for Hire Credentials:

USDOT# 2902099
CA# 489621
(PWC) Public Works Contractor Registration #: 1000042952

Business NAICS Code:

484110, 484220, 484230